2012 Chevrolet Volt

Chevy VoltI just recently took delivery of a Blue Topaz 2012 Chevrolet Volt. I look forward to trying to run on all electric and not have to visit the gas pump anymore. Here is a picture of the Volt when I got it home.

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  1. John Tewksbury says:

    Wow that colour looks GREAT! Lets see more pix!

  2. Mike-o-Matic says:

    Indeed, that is a GREAT color. Up until recently it was hard to come by real-world pics of the 2012 in Topaz Blue. What a great hue!! So deep and saturated.

    I myself have a blue 2012 on order, in fact it was just built & bayed on Wednesday. I can’t WAIT to get it!! I stopped by my dealer today and checked out a black 2012 they had in stock, also an extermely sharp color for the Volt, IMHO! But pics like this one make me happy I picked the blue. Thanks!!

  3. Mike-o-Matic says:

    I just noticed your post was from way back in November! Can you tell us how the Volt has been working out for you? I bet you love it!

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